Charles Jason Sarti

Age:  Youthful

Address: Cumru Township.

Occupation: Owner, Charlie Sarti’s 3rd Element (personal training studio), West Lawn. For information call 484-338-0473 or on Facebook at Charlie-Sarti-Third-Element.

When and why you began to exercise: When I was younger, my dad was a powerlifter. I was brought up around fitness and weights. All my life, it’s kind of like it was just a part of me. You are pretty much what your element is. Weightlifting has always been a part of my life.

Type you do: I work out about six days a week. I do weight and interval training. Through my training studio I offer a group fitness schedule as well as individual personal training. Monday and Wednesday I do full-body interval training, and I have a DJ that comes and plays music for my class. I have even had a live band come in to play while we work out. As I instruct my classes, I’m engaging and making sure that everyone in my class, no matter how many attend, has perfect form.

Hardest hurdle to overcome: The yo-yo effect is the hardest thing in the world to overcome in order to learn how to make fitness and healthy living a habit. That is what I preach, and that is what I teach and what I believe.

Biggest exercise achievement: Opening up my personal training studio is my biggest achievement. Leaving a comfortable job at a previous fitness club was difficult, but I had to fulfill my vision. It’s been two years and a month since I made the decision to do this. It has been a journey.

How exercise helps you: Every day there are people changing their lives in front of me. I’m human, and the beauty of what I do enables me to relate. I get so much in return for other people’s strengths. This is one area I know I can give back to people and share. This is something I can really help people with because I have a true understanding of what it is, and I have a true understanding of how to make fitness a habit.

Tips to others: Anyone can show you how to lift weights or can tell you what to eat, but you have to just do it. Everything works if you do it. You have to be consistent and build up your workout routine. Just do something. Just do whatever you can do to make it a habit. Do something you know you can attain, and it can lead to a lifetime beyond your wildest dreams.

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