Dr. Theresa Brennan

Age: 43.

Address: Lower Heidelberg Township.

Occupation: Oral surgeon, Reading Oral Surgery Group.

When and why you began to exercise: It’s always been a part of my life. I’ve never been a tremendous athlete, but I’ve always enjoyed fitness. It’s just a habit. I participated in sports in high school, and in college I would run on my own. I use exercise as a break from the intensity of life. During my residency, due to sleep deprivation and long work hours, there wasn’t a lot of time. Once I was on a normal work and sleep schedule, I could fit it in. I just started small and aimed to do some form of exercise, regardless of the amount of time I had. I think if I work out every day of the week it starts to become a chore, so I like to take breaks in between to rest my body during the week. I really got into a routine after my last son was born about six years ago. I have always mixed up my fitness routine with a combination of some aerobic activity along with yoga.

Type you do: I usually try to get in about two to three times during the weekdays and always work out Saturday and Sunday. It’s a hobby I have. I really enjoy it; it’s fun. My husband David and I try to work out together when we can. I think we motivate each other just by talking about it a lot, and we motivate each other to get our butts off the couch in our free time. We ask each other when we’re working out today, and even if it’s not together, we try to fit it in. We work together to fit it into our family schedule. I typically work out in my basement with either DVD tapes, treadmill or jump-rope. I really got into P90X, a great weight-training program, over the summer, and that was very motivating. I also have been practicing yoga for seven years, and I go to Shri Yoga and Wellness Center on Penn Avenue in Wyomissing. My son is taking karate now at East Coast Karate in West Lawn, so on those days I like to work out at Charlie’s 3rd Element. That works out really well. My husband and I try to find a way to do a bunch of things at once so we can support each other’s fitness goals.

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